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Rebuilding Your Temple

Mind, Body & Soul

Welcome to Rebuilding Your Temple!

Rebuilding Your Temple is an educational resource founded by author and certified health coach, Stacy Mal. This site is for those trying to rebuild three-dimensional health in mind, body, and soul. The rebuilding "blueprints" include daily prayer, a nutritious diet, supplementation, and a healthy lifestyle.


New Release!

It's easy-to-understand, daily teachings that will help you strengthen your body’s natural defense system. Stacy Mal discusses what the immune system is, how it works, and what it needs to function correctly. She gives practical information regarding diet, sleep, stress, exercise, and supplements. And each day, she challenges readers to implement what they've learned. You might be surprised how changing just a few simple things each day can drastically improve your health!



We've got all the tools you will need to rebuild your temple in mind, body, and soul. From supplements, books, online retreats, beauty products, testing -- even devices such as saunas and air purifiers. 



Become a "Rebuilder" and join our team now for just an annual fee of just $9.99, and you'll get ALL supplement products at wholesale cost ALL YEAR! Right now, you'll also get free health coaching for 30 days when you join, and you'll have the opportunity to earn cashback on your supplement purchases, too!

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The Rebuilding Your Temple blog has material to encourage you in mind, body, and soul with blogs on health and wellness, mindset, spirituality -- even recipes. It's everything you need to stay the course. 


Speaking Engagements

Looking to host a community event such as a health and wellness seminar or a Christian retreat at your church, school, or place of business? Contact Stacy to schedule today.

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