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Shelly M.

I have been a lifelong yoyo dieter and avid fitness person.  Throughout all of the programs and routines, I have never been able to make a lifestyle stick.  The "diets" were too strict, didn't fit my lifestyle, and weren't sustainable.  The exercise was too intense; in thinking I was helping my body, I was causing irreversible damage.

So, I stopped and decided to take a new approach; I bought Stacy's book and joined one of her challenge groups.  It was a total eye-opener to me and, at the risk of sounding cliche - a life-altering decision.   I was able to learn to listen to my body, be proud of my body, and treat it as the time it is.  Stacy presents the information in such an understandable way and gives the whys and the hows.  To me understanding the why and how made so much more sense than just blindly following other programs, yet we all do it.

I would highly recommend this book and Stacy as a coaching resource if you want to learn to do things the right way.  We only get one body. We should honor it and treat it as the amazing thing that it is.  Thank you, Stacy!


Toni B.

Stacy is an anointed health coach, spiritual leader, and mentor. She genuinely cares for those she works with and wants to help everyone live their best life, mentally and physically. The Plexus products really helped me maintain a healthy diet and the shakes are delicious! So thankful for Stacy and all she does!

Desiree W.

Stacy always takes the time to answer questions...   I appreciate the individual time and personalization she offers... Her books allow you to delve deeper into experience and understanding in your own time.   I've been a Plexus customer for years.  I would highly recommend others to take advantage of all Stacy has to offer.  

Sara F.

Stacy is a wealth of knowledge... especially health! I highly recommend following her and considering applying her research to better the health of you and your family. She is extremely devoted to her faith in God and is passionate about sharing her knowledge in the hopes that it can help others live their lives to the fullest!

Erryn G.

Stacy is an amazing health coach and leader! She is a blessing to so many bc of her knowledge and resources and passion to help! I have loved working with her!

Kathy M.

I must say that 5 years ago this gift from my children changed my life... I I was unable to sleep, had sugar addiction bad!! I was presented with PLEXUS products and my sleep improved immediately!!! The sugar cravings diminished substantially. 

Cathy R.

I've learned so much. I feel better and have a better outlook on health and healing.
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