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Join numerous other Temple Rebuilders and sign up with Plexus Worldwide for exclusive discounts on a full line of products and 30 days of free health coaching with Stacy Mal!  


Stacy Mal, Certified Health Coach

As a certified health coach, I get asked this question all the time: why Plexus? The answer is twofold: 1.) Plexus is a health system. 2.) It's an income opportunity. Learn more below! 


It's A Health System

For me, Plexus is a whole-body health system with natural products to address many different things -- immune health, gut health, weight loss, athletic performance, beauty, and so much more. As a certified health coach, this is of utmost importance to me because I have family members and clients with many different needs. So I wanted to partner with one single health system that offers products to address it all.

"I thought getting healthy the natural way would cost a fortune. I had no idea I could do it while actually earning extra income! Life life-changing!"

~ Frank M.

It's An Income Opportunity

When I first joined Plexus as an ambassador, I did it as a way to save money (you can buy products at wholesale cost when you join). But then I realized it was also an income opportunity. Not only could I earn cash back on the products that I already purchased for myself, but I could also earn extra cash back on the products that are purchased by my family, friends, and clients. Browse the videos below to see how Plexus has changed the lives of other families as well.

how-to-earn-extra-income-from-home-rebuilding-your-temple (1).jpg

Real-Life Income Stories of Those Who Joined

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